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Alfa Energy gives you 2020 VISION – Your sustainable world view of data

Our newly enhanced VISION platform will be launched 1st November 2020

With sustainability becoming critical to future business viability, and the need for larger corporates to consolidate their world view in this respect, we are addressing this evolution by enhancing the delivery of our data management platforms.

In doing so we are delighted to bring you our VISION platform for a new era and will be prioritising our existing VISION clients for demos prior to the 1st November launch date.

What does this mean for you?

The first step in that journey is an enhanced delivery of VISION, from a UK energy data management platform, to a full energy and sustainability data management platform that can support your operations globally.

While the system retains the familiar ability to manage your energy and water data capture, analysis, and reporting, there are also significant enhancements from which your business operations can benefit.

  • Embedded Power BI (Power Report tool) for greater customised dashboards and reporting
  • Improved sustainability reporting
  • Missing consumption data now automatically gap-filled using a new accrual engine
  • Dashboards enabling different users to compare performance by different data types and to track performance trends
  • Global data analysis and reporting

Global Delivery

Larger corporates cannot decarbonise unless they have a consolidated view of their emissions, which means consolidating energy and sustainability data capture reporting and monitoring. We are now able to respond to the energy and sustainability needs of the most complex international commercial and industrial clients to provide a single consolidated view.

The platform facilitates building a foundation of data, enabling streamlined reporting. This helps engage teams, which accelerates decarbonisation.

The platform offers a comprehensive modular software system that drives sustainability performance management, whether you are from the sustainability team, heading up energy management, working in procurement and finance, responsible for facilities management or a C suite executive, this platform will provide every insight you need.

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